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Friday, May 3, 2013

We're Moving!

In the next month or so we will be going to our NEW blog site directly on the German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas website.

Be sure to watch for update there!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bella (Jingle Bell) Has Been Adopted

...and is SHE happy!
Check out the video!

Jingle when she first arrived in rescue

Jingle just before her adoption

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tova (Sally) and Clover In Their New Home Together

Here are the pics I promised (Clover and Tova [was Sally]) and I'll post a pic and update to the Facebook page too.
Clover and Sally (Tova)

Tova and Clover

I'm loving these two dogs together as they get more and more comfortable with each other and Clover seems very content despite all the changes and new environment.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sukoshi (now Jackson) Update From His New Adopters!

My name was Sukoshi when I was with Miss Beverly at her foster home, but my new mom and dad couldn't ever remember it so they tried lots of funny names until "Jackson" seemed to fit me.  Now they call me "Jack," "the Jacksters," "Jack boy," and sometimes they call me "wild child" - I don't know what that means but they usually laugh when they call me that.

My mom is going to send some pictures today or tomorrow.  She has been taking lots of photos but it takes her awhile to get them into the computer.

I love my big sister who is a Golden Retriever rescue named Jessie.  We play and nap together (but mom says she needs to loose some weight so she can play with me more).  We are going to start her on a walking routine!!!

I love me little brother who is a Chihuahua mix, but he is a little grouchy sometimes.  Mom says it is because he was a Katrina survivor, was adopted by a mean family before she rescued him.   He is about 10 years old and doesn't always feel good sometimes.  I understand and just give him a big lick/kisses to make him all better.  He has a cubby where he likes to sleep and he sometimes steals my squeaky toys but that is ok too because when he is finished and leaves his cubby, I go get them.

I love my new front and back yard which has a very high fence and I could never jump it.  I am experiencing lots of new stuff everyday and I am very happy - my mom says I smile a lot.  The neighbors have these strange things called chickens, turkeys and donkeys. I love to run to the fence and watch them.  I also love to chase the squirrels - my mom says I am a good boy because the squirrels eat too much of her birdseed.  Not too sure what I would do with a squirrel if I caught it.  There are all kinds of fun smells and adventures here. 

Thank you for rescuing me from the shelter and taking good care of me!!!!!!  You are the greatest!!!!!  Now I can live a long and happy life!!!!! 


Jackson Wood  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Current Dogs Available For Adoption (Includes referral dogs)


Jingle Bell


Annie & Bruno-Referrals



Patton-(link coming soon)

Basil-(more info soon)

Merry Is Doing Great. Adopted in 2012

Just wanted to give you an update on Merry.  She has been a great companion since we adopted her last year.
Attached are a couple pictures of her.

Thanks s million for letting her become a part of our family !!

Katie Is Doing Great In Her New Home

From her adopters:

Katie is doing great, you did a great job as a foster mom :-) She is so sweet & fun-loving. She's made herself at home already and we just back to Laredo less than 24 hours ago. She's eating well, drinking tons of water, and playing with Maja.

The 2 dogs are getting along well we just have to keep an eye on Maja to make sure she doesn't play too rough but Katie can definitely hold her own. She loves to steal Maja's toys, bones, and treats right out from under Maja's nose then she takes it and hides it. It's so funny, it almost seems like it's her sneaky way of getting back at Maja.

She's bonding quickly with Miska and myself, she follows us around the house, loves to sit on our laps and give kisses. She was so exhausted from playing with Maja yesterday she went to the bedroom without being told and fell asleep on her dog bed. When we woke up at 5:00 this morning her and Maja were curled up in our bed together, naughty pups :-)!

She's doing well with "sit", "lay down", and "stay". One thing I've noticed that I wanted to ask you about is her whining. She seems perfectly happy but sometimes whines gently while walking around the house. Like I said, she doesn't seem to be in any distress, and once I say "it's ok Katie" she stops.

Katie is happy and healthy thanks to you and we are absolutely in love with her.